Six Things That You Are Still Not Aware of Paragliding


Paragliding is a sport that is mainly intended for the adrenaline junkies and for the adventure sports enthusiast out there in the middle. This type of glider aircraft is lightweight and foot launched. Continue reading to know the unknown facts about this recreational and competitive sport.

Leonardo Da Vinci Has designed it and NASA Named it

The legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci was the first one who designed the concept of the parachute. But in 1961, American Federal agency The National Aeronautics and Space Administration gave it a professional outline and named it as a paraglider.

There Is No Motor Involved

General gliders are not equipped with any motor. As I have already mentioned it, the pilot makes use of their foot for launching this type of aircraft and it entirely depend on the air flow for controlling the flight. However, in case of powered paragliding, the pilot wears a motor on their back. This motor gives the initial push for flying. Interested fliers can try motorized paragliding in Cape Town as well as in the other cities of the world.

It Is Comfortable and Safe

The harness of the modern gliders is equipped with a comfortable chair which makes the riding comfort. It is also a safer sport. Just like any other outdoor activities, paragliding is also not totally free of risk. But neither of the paragliding accidents has taken place due to the gliders’ fault or the failure of the equipment. By taking some safety precaution rider can avoid any type of paragliding accidents.

Not to Be Confused with Hang-Gliding or Parasailing

Most of the people get confused with hang- gliding, parasailing and paragliding. But all these sports are different than each other in terms of the structure of the each glider, requirement of the strength and flexibility of the pilot, speed of the glider aircraft, and duration of the flight.

You Can Cross the Whole Country While Flying the Glider Aircraft

The renowned Canadian paraglider pilot holds the world record of flying 263 miles. Even amateur fliers can fly for over 30 minutes and cross plenty of miles.

Speed Is Not Required:

If you are worried about speed then there is no need to freak out while trying this sport. On the other hand, if you love speed while flying then try hang-gliding or any other similar sorts. This sport is only for those who want to float on the gentle breeze like a feather and want to see the amazing landscape over the cloud.


These are the six facts about paragliding that will help you to understand the sport better. Beginner fliers are suggested to try general or tandem paragliding. There are some service providers who also offer powered paragliding South Africa. Interested candidates can also try motorized paragliding from them.

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